Glutamine Benefits

Glutamine is one of the essential nutrients that any bodybuilder must have. The glutamine benefits that you can get is numerous and important to bodybuilding success. In this article I will discuss these benefits.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the body. It is considered a semi essential amino acid in the sense that in ordinary situation the body can produce the sufficient amount of this nutrient. However, in case of traumas such as surgery, burns, or cancer it is considered as one of the essential amino acids due to stress in metabolism.

But what does that have to do with bodybuilding? For body builders glutamine benefits are numerous. First it is responsible for preserving the muscles that you have already built. Taken after a strenuous workout this nutrient will help in recovering the muscles that are broken down leading to minimum muscle breakdown, which makes it one of the important supplements for muscle gain.

Second it is beneficial to the immune system. When you train, not only your muscles get the stress, your whole immune system is attacked and thus needs a boost to recover to its normal level. Glutamine is the amino acid that will do the job.

Glutamine can be found naturally in many food sources such as dairy products, fish, poultry, beans and other legumes. However, as a body builder, you might find that it is difficult to attain the required daily amount through these natural resources. For this reason supplementation would be necessary.

When you take supplementation you should be careful not to take too much since it can have side effects such as stomach bloating and constipation. You are recommended to take 10 grams daily divided into two portions, one to be taken shortly after the workout and the other before bed time.

Therefore the recommended intake is as follows:

Workout days: 5 grams after workout and 5 grams before going to bed.

Non-workout days: 5 grams in the afternoon and 5 grams before going to bed.

The reason for this timing is that, as mentioned earlier, you need it as a post workout dose so that you can recover from your workout, whereas the other dose is required so that you compensate for the muscle loss that usually happens when you spend a long period of time without taking any food.

Before leaving our discussion we should have a word about side effects. Glutamine has no side effects noticed if taken in the recommended dosage. Excessive amounts taken are unnecessary since they might lead to constipation and bloating. Moreover, those who suffer from kidney or liver conditions as those with Reye’s syndrome or any other disorder that can result in ammonia accumulation must stay away from glutamine.

Glutamine benefits are essential if you want to have a complete bodybuilding diet. Combined with other supplements, such as bodybuilding protein, can produce enormous effects that can make all the difference in bodybuilding success.