Casein Protein

Searching for the best protein powder that is available in the market can be really confusing. It is of no doubt that protein is a very important muscle supplement that you cannot afford to ignore. But what is the best protein that will help you to attain your body building goals?

As a body builder it would be a good idea to spend a considerable time to research about what type of protein is good for you. Each type of protein has its own merits and is optimized if used under certain conditions. So, if you can choose the right type of protein for your specific aim then this protein usage can be optimized.

Beginner and experienced body builders both agree on the popularity and quality of casein protein. This kind of protein powder comes in many flavors and price ranges that make it a popular muscle supplement with many advantages.

Let’s have a look at the factors that are associated with casein protein to see if it fits your needs:

1.Muscle Retention:

If you are on a fat loss diet then surely you should be restricting the number of calories that you are consuming. This leads the body to use the body tissues for energy.

This might be a good thing or it might be bad. If your fat tissues are used then this will be good since your will be losing fat. However, if your muscles tissues are targeted then this will be disastrous to your muscle building efforts.

In one of the studies a group of body builders were given casein protein while other took whey protein. These subjects where on a low calorie diet. Results showed that the group that took casein protein showed more muscle mass than that taking whey protein.

It should be noted that the subjects raised their protein intake to 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight to gauge the results.

2.Greater Fat Loss:

People who are on fat loss diet tend to decrease their dairy products consumption thinking that it will hinder their fat loss efforts. A study by the International Journal of Obesity has shown that those who take protein and calcium showed a higher level of fat loss than those who increased their protein intake while leaving their calcium intake at low levels.

Casein powder will give you this advantage since it is higher in calcium boosting your protein intake and increasing your fat loss.

3.Reducing the Risk of Colon Cancer

This is another factor that encourages using casein protein. Studies has shown that casein protein, as well as, whey protein can guard against colon cancer as opposed to other sources rich in protein such as meat.

Aiding your diet with fruits and vegetables can decrease your probability of having colon cancer even more.

4.High Quality of Protein

Casein protein, as a muscle supplement, has one of the highest quality proteins. Taking a reasonable amount of supplements that give you the required level of protein intake is of no doubt better option that consuming larger quantities that provide you with the same levels.

Casein protein is an excellent muscle supplement. It would be a smart decision to include it as one of your protein supplements. This kind of protein has the advantage of being absorbed slowly which makes it ideal as a post workout muscle supplement; however there is no reason not to take it at any time during the day.